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The 5 best Dog Groomers in Milton Keynes 

    Are you looking for the best dog groomer near you and you live in Milton Keynes? If yes, then you should check out these top five dog grooming services all tried and tested by your truly.

    Regular grooming is essential to maintaining a happy, healthy dog. It helps remove dead hair, dirt, and other debris from their coats along with keeping their skin clean and preventing infections. You should be shampooing your dog at least once a week at home, but a full groom from a professional dog groomer should be done every 4-8 weeks, depending on the breed.

    Grooming your furry friend at home can be as simple as brushing his coat, but if you want to get into the nitty-gritty of your dog’s grooming needs, you should consider taking him or her to a groomers near you.

    Before you make an appointment 

    Make sure you know what kind of grooming service you need before you call any local businesses. For example, do you need a professional groomer who works with show dogs or just one who does basic care? Do you need someone who specialises in long haired breeds or short haired ones? Is your dog nervous when having their nail clipped or do they need a bit of extra TLC on some mattes on their coat?

    The Best Dog Groomers in Milton Keynes 

    1. Devine Dog Groomers 

    Devine Dog Groomers MK

    Located in Crownhill, this dog groomers is slightly more on the pricey side but it’s definitely worth the extra few pounds if your budget allows. The staff really understand how you want your dog groomed and take extra care when discussing styles and coat type. 

    2. Rachels Dog Grooming

    Rachels Dog Groomers Milton Keynes

    A great professional groomers in Wolverton, Milton Keynes that usually have appointments if you are in desperate need of one within a few weeks. Good value for money and have always been happy with my dogs groom.

    3. Mutley Crue 

    Mutley Crue Milton Keynes

    A lovely groomers located on the A5 just north of Stony Stratford. They offer free puppy grooms to make sure your dog gets used to grooming from day one!

    4. Ruff to Puff

    Ruff to Puff dog groomers

    The in house groomers at Waggy Tales doggy day care. Once you have passed a daycare consultation, you are able to leave your furry friend at day care and book a groom at the same time. 

    5. The Groom Room – Pets at Home

    The Groom Room Milton Keynes

    A good all rounder for shampoo, cuts and dries. Located all around the country within their Pets at Home stores, they’re easy to find and book an appointment through their app.  

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