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How to Prevent Fleas on Dogs

    The last thing anyone wants are fleas. They irritate your dog and can infiltrate your home. They reproduce very quickly and can move from place to place without you knowing until they are suddenly there. Fleas can cause health problems for dogs and carry diseases such as tapeworms, which can be fatal. The good news is that flea infestations can be easily treated.

    You can prevent fleas from biting your dog by using a flea control product. There are several ways to treat your pet. Some are topical treatments, while others require oral medication.

    What Are Fleas? 

    Fleas are small insects that are very difficult to see with the naked eye and can be hard to detect on your dog or around your home. If you look closest adult fleas are reddish-brown in colour with flat bodies and can jump up to 8 inches with one leap. They thrive in the summer months, often described as flea season, when the weather is hot and humid, but can survive all year round. 

    Why does my dog get fleas?

    Dogs are often infested with fleas because they simply come into contact with them from other animals or on walks. Their strong back legs allow them to jump from host to hosts or from the environment onto a host.

    How can you prevent fleas on dogs?

    Preventative treatment is the best way to keep the fleas at bay as flea populations can quickly get out of control and spread to other pets and around the house; as well as just being itchy and a pain for your poor pup. 

    1. Try to reduce the amount of time your dog spends outside
    2. Keep your dog away from wild and stay animals whilst out and about 
    3. Wash and groom your dog regularly 
    4. Check for fleas every few weeks, especially if your dog is scratching more than normal 
    5. Speak to your vet about flea control products such as tablets or liquid that can be put on the back of your dogs neck
    6. Treat your dogs for fleas all year round, especially if you live in rural areas with long grass off lead walks 
    7. If you spot a flea, treat your dog and home immediately to prevent an infestation  

    How to treat fleas?

    Flea control for dogs is easy. Speak to your vet to purchase flea treatments or flea tablets to keep them at bay. If you have spotted a flea on your dog or you have a flea bite yourself, ensure you wash your dogs bedding and toys with hot water to get rid of any flea eggs that may still be around. 

    Can dogs get fleas from grass?

    Yes, fleas can jump from a host into grass and then onto your dogs coat.

    Types of Flea Treatments

    There are a wide variety of effective products for flea treatments such as:

    • Topical flea treatments
    • Oral flea treatments
    • Flea combs
    • Flea collars
    • Flea repellent
    • Flea shampoos

    Speak to your veterinarian for more advice 

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