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The best raw dog food UK: The complete guide

    What kind of dog food should I feed my puppy? There are so many options out there, and they all seem to claim to be the best. How do you choose between them?

    dogs with sausages

    Dogs love meat. They need protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, fats, and water from their food and this is why many dogs LOVE a raw diet! Many puppies come to their forever home on a raw diet, so it is important you feed your puppy the diet it is used to to avoid tummy problems, before you transition them over to the food of your choice.

    What is raw dog food?

    Raw dog food is as simple as is sounds! It is simply all raw ingredients, organ meats and other uncooked vegetables. Its main focus is to mimic the diet of a dog in the wild.

    raw steak

    Is a raw diet actually good for dogs?

    Raw dog food can be very beneficial to your dog’s health, especially if you feed them a high quality raw food diet. Although your pup may love this meaty diet, it’s imperative that your dog is getting all the nutrients from their raw diet. Because of this we recommend to buy ready made raw food rather than making it yourself at home. This way your dog gets the benefits of a raw diet (Shiner coat, smaller stools, cleaner teeth), with convenience meal and the peace of mind they’re happy and healthy!

    What should you be looking for in a raw dog food diet?

    • Check that the raw dog food is a complete meal.
    • Ensure the supplier is Defra registered.
    • Look for high quality meat product.

    The raw food will be delivered frozen, check that they deliver in cool boxes and can be delivered whilst you are in to collect the package and put straight in your freezer.

    Pros of raw dog food

    • Glossier Coat
    • Smaller stools
    • Cleaner teeth
    • High protein diet
    • Natural Diet

    Cons of raw dog food

    • A higher risk of bacteria or pathogens
    • Risk of cross contamination
    • Ensuring the raw dog food has all the nutrients required for your dog
    • Higher cost when compared to dry dog food

    Our Favourite Raw Dog Foods

    1. Natures Menu

    A complete raw food made with very high quality meat, and reliable delivery. They come in small nuggets to defrost quickly and have full control over potion sizes!

    1. Bella and Duke
    bella and duke raw dog food

    The best subscription-based raw dog food. Simple sign up and the right am0unt of food gets delivered to your door.

    1. Paleo Ridge

    A fantastic award winning brand with a range of flavours for your dog. You’re sure to find one he likes!

    1. Nature’s Menu – Puppy Nuggets
    Natures Menu Puppy Nuggets

    The best raw dog food for puppies. Puppy nuggets are small and easy to defrost, great for puppies of all sizes. Ensure weight management by weighing out exact portion sizes as your dog grows.

    Can I mix wet dog food with raw meat?

    The short answer is YES! this is a great way to incorporate the benefits of both wet dog food and raw dog food. It’s even better if both foods are ‘complete’ dog foods, rather than complimentary. This will make sure you’re giving your dog all the good nutrients they need!

    Is local Raw Dog Food best?

    Raw dog food from your local farm or online shop may not always be best nutritionally for your dog. There are loads of online ‘home made’ raw pet food typically on facebook, eBay and other online sites. Make sure your raw dog food supplier is Defra registered and vet approved before purchasing. 

    You should also ensure that the raw meat in the pet food is human grade meat. Quality ingredients matter to keep your dog happy and healthy. After all, you wouldn’t want to eat poor quality food would you? So why would your dog?

    Cooking raw dog food at home

    The bottom line 

    Raw pet food can be great for some dogs. Providing you purchase the right type of raw dog food, it is a great alternative to other pet foods on the market. If unsure if raw feeding is best for your pup, speak to your vet or dog nutritionist for special dietary information, or read our article on the best wet dog food .

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