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The 5 Best Halloween Dog Jumpers

    Spooky season is upon us so what’s better than getting your furry friend involved with halloween festivities? What kind of costume would you wear if you had to go trick or treating tonight? Would you dress up as a superhero or a zombie? Or maybe a pirate? Well, Halloween isn’t just for kids anymore. Dogs are dressing up too. And they don’t want to miss out on the fun.

    Dog Sitting in pumpkin patch

    Halloween is a great time to get dressed up and enjoy the festivities. But sometimes that means compromising with your dog and getting the perfect halloween dog jumper, rather than a full blown costume. Or maybe you just want something spooky to keep your dog warm this October!

    Look no further, we’ve picked out our favourite dog jumpers for this halloween. 

    Where to buy dog halloween jumpers?

    There are a range of places you can buy dog halloween jumpers online and in store. From Amazon to smaller in store retailers, you can find a range of different dog jumpers and the perfect one for your pooch! 

    Our Favourite Halloween Dog Jumpers 

    Whether you’re looking for something simple like a pumpkin or a full-on horror movie look, here are 10 of the best dog halloweens jumpers.

    1. Pumpkin Jumper 

    A simple but sweet dog jumper, with a cute orange pumpkin. Coming in a range of sizes for small to large dogs, this is the perfect cozy costume for your pup. 

    2.  Petcare Skull Sweater 

    A sweater coat that is a bit more subtle, meaning your pooch can wear this all year round. This jumper pulls over your dogs head, with a super spooky skull coat pattern. This costume comes in small, medium and large sizes. So whatever breed your pooch, there’s a size for it.

    3. Mogokoyo Pumpkin Fleece

    Not quite a full pet costume, but not quite a dog jumper. This costume for dogs meets somewhere in between, made with a cozy fleece lining, perfect for colder weather. 

    4. Pets At home Spider Sweater

    Pets At Home Boo Jumper

    This stretch knit sweater is an adorable option for your dog. An easy to put on pull over design with a BOO on the back!

    5. The Range Skeleton Pet Hoodie

    Dog Skeleton Jumper

    Pick up this glow in the dark skeleton jumper for your pooch. A really creative design, and practical for late night trick or treating.

    How to put on my dog’s halloween jumper

    The simple answer is treats, treats, treats! Firstly make sure your dog is comfortable and relaxed, feed some treats as soon as the jumper comes out. Simply slip the jumper over their head. Once their head pops out, feed some more high value treats, maybe some chicken! Gently slip their arms through each arm hole. Make sure that the jumper isn’t tight when doing this, as you want them to be as comfortable as possible. 

     The bottom line

    If you’re looking for an adorable costume alternative for your pet this halloween then a halloween jumper could be a great idea! If you’re a spooky season fan, then why not dress your dog up in the jumper all year round with the cold weather?

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